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ESD / Antistatic PMMAPMMA

ESD / Antistatic PMMA sheet is on the basis of acrylic, also named ESD perspex sheet or ESD acrylic. PMMA is short for Polymethyl Methacrylate. Surface resistivity with 10^6 ~10^8Ωis the best anti-static condition.

Excellent transparency with light transmission over 90%       
Surface resistivity with 106~108Ω,remarkable anti-static condition. 
Outstanding surface hardness and scratch resistance       
Chemical resistance and low gas volatility       
Flame resistance: UL94 HB       

Color:transparent, tawny, blue, yellow, black, smoke etc.(note: yellow can filter out UV)    
Application:clean room space, observation window cover, test jig etc.

Property Item ASTM Test condition Unit PMMA
Basic optical properties gravity D792 1.19
light transmittance D1003 5mm % 90
Haze D1003 % 0.4
Mechanical properties Tensile strength at break D638 Mpa 70
Elongation at break D638 % 2.5
Elasticity D790 1/4"rod Mpa 90
Charpy impact strength(charpy) D256 23℃, 1/8"notch KJ/m2 1.6
Hardness-Rockwell D785 M scale 100
Thermal properties Heat deflection D648 1.82MPa 95
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion D696 /℃ 6.0x10-5
Heat period (60℃x 6hours)x10cycles No change
Electrical properties Surface resistivity D257 Ohm/m2 106-108
Volume resistivity D257 Ohm-cm >1015
Chemical property Acetone Evaluation
(#1) IPA after
Hydrochloric acid(36%) 1 hr
Nitric acid(60%)
Sulfuric acid(97%) Dropping
Others Water absorption D570 23℃*50%RH,24 hrs % 0.3
Pencil hardness D3363 4H
Steel wool testing #0000,200g,10times No scratched
Flammability D635 Flammable
UL standard UL 94 HB

Origin:Korea                                                                 #1:X Serious changes △ small change ○ no change  
Product specification     
Size:1000 x 2000mm, 1212 x 2424mm 

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