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ESD POM sheet

ESD POM sheet is with same surface anti-static value-10^6-10^10Ωcm; after machining or surface abrasion, no changes with anti-static value; chemical resistance, non-soluble in normal temperature and excellent performance in low temperature, working temperature is 40-90℃; good wear resistance and latent degeneration resistance, high mechanical strength, high rigid; good lubricating property, non-water absorption, high mechanical strength, remarkable machining property.  
Application:semiconductor, LCD, electronic equipments, industrial machinery, jig.
Application field:electronic equipment installation, jig, guide rail, pallet, liner, bush, scaleboard, vehicle wheel, idler wheel etc.
Technical specification  
Modified property:   antistat.
Color:  natural/black

Characteristics unit Testing method Value
General properties g/cm3 DIN 53479 1.33
Water absorption at 23℃/50%RH % DIN ENISO 62 0.8
Flammability (UL94, thickness 3-6mm) ISO 1210 (UL 94) HB/HB
Mechanical properties 测试试件(干)
Tensile strength at yield Mpa DIN ENISO 527 40
Elongation at break % DIN ENISO 527 15
Modulus of elasticity after tensile test MPa DIN ENISO 527 1.500 
Charpy impact strength KJ/m2 ISO 179/1eA/Pendel 1J 5
Ball-indentation hardness N/mm2 DIN ENISO 2039-1 80
Hardness-Shore D SkalaD DIN 53505 76
Thermal properties
Solution temperature ISO 11357 165
Thermal conductivity W/(mK) DIN 52612
specific heat capacity KJ(KgK) DIN 52612
Coefficient of liner thermal expansion 10-6K-1 20℃-60℃ 150
Working temperature-long term 90
Max. Service temperature-short term 140
Heat deflection temperature A:1.8MPa DIN ENISO 75 106
Electrical properties
Dielectric constant at 50Hz IEC 60250
Dielectric loss factor at 50Hz IEC 60250
Volume resistivity Ω cm IEC 60093 106-1010
Surface resistivity Ω  IEC 60093 106-1010
Relative electrical index CTI,So.AA CTI,So.AA IEC 60112
Dielectric strength KV/mm IEC 60243


Product specification:
Size:620 x 1000mm 
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