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We are the agent of ESD engineering plastic sheet, engineering plastic products, such as PMMA, PVC, PC, PET, POM, PE, PEEK, BAKELITE, DUROSTONE, FIBER GLASS, PA etc. By special processing technique, it perfectly preserves the inherent physical properties and increases excellent function to eliminate static electricity. This can effectively prevent the accumulation of dust and avoid static electricity that may caused harm, to meet the special needs of the industry in the high-tech era.


ESD / Antistatic Materials ESD / Antistatic Materials
· ESD Polymethyl Methacrylate sheet (ESD PMMA sheet)
· ESD PVC sheet (ESD polyvinyl chloride sheet)
· ESD PC sheet
· ESD/Conductive PA sheet/rod
· ESD Bakelite
· ESD POM sheet
· ESD ABS sheet
· ESD Fiber Glass sheet
· ESD Durostone sheet


Product properties:
Resistivity: 106~108Ω, stable ESD function
Anti-static function not easy to be affected by humidity and temperature
Good appearance, excellent transparency, low volatile gas
Excellent surface rigid and chemical resistance, alcohol can be wiped
Outstanding durable coating function, high mechanical strength, excellent machining function


Application:semiconductor industry, LCD industry, electronic equipments, Microelectronics equipment industry, electronic and electrical, communication fabrication, precise instrument, optical fabrication, medical industry and bioengineering etc.

ESD PMMA sheet is on the basis of acrylic, also named ESD perspex sheet or ESD acrylic. PMMA is short for Polymethyl Methacrylate. Surface resistivity with 10^6 ~10^8Ωis the best anti-static condition.

ESD PC sheet is also called ESD polycarbonate sheet with basic material polycarbonate (short form: PC) material. Characteristics: remarkable high impact strength and high temperature resistance; surface resistivity with 10^5~10^8Ω; excellent anti-static  
ESD PVC sheet is also called ESD polyvinylChlo-ride sheet with basic material PolyvinylChlo-ride (short form: PVC). Characteristics: outstanding chemical resistance and high impact resistance; surface resistivity with 10^6~10^8Ω; excellent anti-static function
ESD PA rod ESD PA rod is based on MC nylon material with carbon series material to increase conductive property/avoid electrical property. Characteristics: MC501CD is well-distributed fillings. The resistance value of every part is the same to assure good
ESD POM sheet is with same anti-static value-10^6-10^10Ωcm; after machining or surface abrasion, no changes with anti-static value; chemical resistance, non-soluble in normal temperature and excellent performance in low temperature 
ESD Bakelite sheet has same anti-static value for every parts with 10^8-10^10Ωcm. It has stable anti-static function; after machining or surface abrasion, no changes with anti-static value; chemical resistance, working temperature is 40-90℃ 
ESD ABS sheet is also called ESD Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene polymer sheet with Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene for basic material.
ESD Durostone sheet is made of composite material which contains fiber glass and resin with high anti-static and high mechanical property. Its anti-static function and dimension stability are good 
Surface resistance is 10^6-10^9Ω; good heat resistance and moisture resistant; low water-absorption, non-deformation; high mechanical property and good machining property.Flame resistance with UL94:V-0, high temperature resistance 200℃

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