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Shenzhen Quanda Industrial Material Co., Ltd.
Professional electronic isolation material,anti-static material supplier
Shenzhen Quanda Industrial Material Co.,Ltd

Shenzhen Quanda Industrial Material Co., subsidiary company of Shenzhen Quanda Plastic Co., Ltd., which is main import agent of ESD engineering plastic material and specializing in developing and marketing especially for ESD material. The distributed product brands include ARYST, ALSHINHAN TEK, GRIFFEN.


Main products are ESD PMMA sheet,ESD PVC sheet,ESD PC sheet, ESD POM sheet,ESD PA sheet,ESD ABS sheet, ESD Durostone sheet, ESD Bakelite, ESD Fiber Glass sheet etc other ESD material which are widely applied in domestic semiconductor industry, LCD industry, electronic equipments, Microelectronics equipment industry, electronic and electrical, communication fabrication, precise instrument, optical fabrication, medical industry, automobile manufacturing new energy resources and architectural ornament industry etc.


ESD / Antistatic Materials

  • ESD / Antistatic PMMA
  • ESD / Antistatic PVC
  • ESD / Antistatic PC
  • ESD / Antistatic POM
  • ESD / Antistatic PA6
  • ESD / Antistatic Durostone
  • ESD / Antistatic ABS
  • ESD / Antistatic Bakelite
  • ESD / Antistatic Epoxy Fiber
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    SHENZHEN QUANDA INDUSTRIAL MATERIALS CO.,LTD.ESD / Antistatic Materials Solutions Provider)
    ADD.: 13/F,Baolong Building B,Longguan West Rd.,Longhua District,Shenzhen,China.